Driving Practice & Physical Therapy

I took Joshua to practice driving yesterday in a nearby neighborhood and he did fantastic! He really seems to be calm and focused while driving, much more like an experienced driver than a beginner.

He relates his ability to focus on driving to how he feels when he’s playing on his PS4. He is quite skilled at gaming and I think it’s because he becomes insanely focused when playing. Of course he enjoys that kind of focus because it provides him with stimulation he doesn’t get the rest of the time.

Stephen started physical therapy this week. Unfortunately, he is now experiencing a lot of pain because of it. He’s been given exercises to do at home but he can barely do any of them (or he does a much smaller number of reps than instructed to). The therapist has been nice and definitely understanding but I don’t like that he’s hurting, especially considering how well he’s done to this point. :/

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