Cruising, Co-Sleeping, and Getting Sick?

Isabella has been crawling and pulling to standing since the end of November, but she just started cruising along the furniture which means walking isn’t too far away.

She has great balance and I’m actually surprised that she hasn’t already been walking but she does her own thing.

She is back to sleeping with me, which is hard. I’m not getting enough rest but what can I do? She is going through a major developmental leap and she needs her mama. She will nap in her crib and she starts out there at night, but once she wakes to nurse, I put her in bed with me because when I haven’t, she’ll be up for hours. 😦

Elizabeth has had a runny nose for the last few days and then Izzy got a little stuffy overnight. I woke up at 2am (or was it 4?) with my throat feeling scratchy and my nose draining. I hope this passes and I don’t get sick. I managed to avoid the flu at Christmas somehow so I do have confidence in my immune system!

8 thoughts on “Cruising, Co-Sleeping, and Getting Sick?

  1. I love the sweet snuggles. That’s great she starts out in her bed. As long as your hubby and you have your time – enjoy every opportunity of co-sleeping! Eventually we turned it into a treat. And that helped mine stay in his own bed the other nights.

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    1. I love co-sleeping snuggles, too! They’re so sweet to sleep next to when they’re small. 🙂
      My husband has hip issues so he sleeps on our recliner couch; my bed is a twin and way too small for me and a movin’ toddler, so that’s why I’m interested in her sleeping in her own bed. When I was in a king size years ago, our older son slept with us no problem. Haha

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