An ADHD Diagnosis and Autism Wait Lists

Joshua’s appointment went well yesterday morning. After talking to the doctor about everything, she had me fill out something called the Vanderbilt questionnaire which helps in diagnosing ADHD. And just like the questions I found online myself, EVERYTHING matched him. Well, that’s not true. There were a number of questions that related to being violent, aggressive, and other unruly behaviors, but of all the questions that were non-aggressive, they matched him. It was crazy! He has both “types” of ADHD, the hyperactive kind and the inattentive kind. So he has what’s called combination ADHD.

So, yeah he has ADHD. We were offered medication (Adderall) and a referral to have cognitive behavior therapy. We declined the prescription but I’m going to look into CBT for him as it worked wonders for me!! As far as medication goes, I am scared to death of what I’ve read about Adderall! All sorts of side effects and withdrawal symptoms possible. 😦 Of course, the really scary stuff happens more often when someone is abusing the drug (and doesn’t actually need it or even have ADHD) but still. I don’t want Joshua on any of that. Instead, we’re trying coffee on school day mornings so hopefully he can focus better on chores and school.

While we were at the doctor, we discussed Elizabeth because I haven’t liked the idea of going to a huge autism center in Atlanta to have her evaluated. I wanted to see if we had any other options and there are; psychologists and Developmental Pediatricians can also see her. But apparently there is such a need for these sorts of appointments, that you either pay big money to see someone without your insurance being involved (I’m talking in the range of $2000-$2500!) or you get on a waiting list for months. She’s on the waiting list for the Marcus Center but I don’t think we’re going there as she wouldn’t last for the three hour appointment. 😦 I’m still looking at pediatric psychologists but I’m not holding onto much hope.

What I’d like to do is just continue to help her with things that are going to benefit her daily life and overall learning. I don’t need anything official right now as we aren’t trying to get her into ABA therapy or into an autism school. I have her on a waiting list for speech therapy (the one she went to initially was not a good fit) and occupational therapy at an office about an hour from us (very near my old obstetrician’s office as a matter of fact) but who knows when they’ll have an opening. In the meantime, we are doing both at home. She is making great strides in her understanding and use of language, and I’ve been adding in all sorts of activities and routines into her day that are helping her function. Her mood and reaction to things has improved DRASTICALLY just in the last week since introducing her little capsule wardrobe!! Things like that are making me excited for her future! 😀

4 thoughts on “An ADHD Diagnosis and Autism Wait Lists

  1. Oh, yikes! I remember my professor explaining Adrellal and how it is a to go to for many. I think waiting is excellent and seeing what you can adjust to help him.

    I’m so glad finding something as simple as clothing preferable is helping her so much, that’s wonderful! ❤

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    1. Yeah, Adderall is so joke! 😦 We don’t want to change who he is, just help him to focus better and be less distracted. He doesn’t want to be drugged and neither do we.
      I KNOW! I am so excited for the progress she’s making!

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