Boy/Girl Outings & Re-Check with the Orthopedic

There have been a number of outings lately where the girls were together, and the boys were doing something else.

On New Year’s Eve, Maggie and I took the little girls out just to get out of the house, while Stephen took the boys to a quint downtown near us to see the sights. They found an antique store where Samuel discovered “old” action figures that he now wants to collect.

A few days later, the boys drove west to visit Stephen’s brother. They stayed the afternoon and enjoyed dinner as well. The girls just hung out at the house but we had a nice time.

Yesterday, Stephen had his first post-op appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. He got the splint removed and everything looks good; he’s healing well. But the scar is longer than we were expecting! He’s going to begin physical therapy just as soon as workers comp. people tell him when and where. He still has a long road ahead of him. 😦

Last night, we got news that Stephen’s other brother passed away after many  years of medical issues. 😥 It was sad to hear, though I know Stephen is relieved to know that he’s no longer suffering.

Today, the boys went to buy Samuel a new bike as his old one is too small for him now. Once they found the perfect bike, they went to a parking lot near us to ride. While they were there, Joshua practiced driving which of course made his day. 😉 Maggie and I took the girls to a park to play this afternoon. She pushed Izzy around in the stroller while I followed Elizabeth around. She enjoyed herself and she didn’t get too upset when we were leaving so I was encouraged. 🙂

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