Comfy Clothes and a Book Just for Her

Elizabeth has been having a hard time with clothes for over six months now but I think I found something that will help.

She has white cotton t-shirts and pink sweatpants that she wears to bed every night, and then random shirts, pants, and dresses to wear during the day. The problem has been that she began melting down with clothes-changing so I let her wear her pjs during the day unless we were going somewhere. Well then that created the problem of her associating getting changed with leaving the house which meant I had to have absolutely everything ready to leave before getting her dressed otherwise another kind of fit would start because she wanted to leave NOW!!

About a month ago, I started trying to make the transition back to getting her dressed every morning whether or not we were going out but many days were just awful and I didn’t succeed.

The other issue has been that she’s pretty unhappy in most clothes. She tugs on the sleeves if they are slightly snug (i.e. elastic) or too long (3/4 or long sleeves) Her pants have to be right at the ankle level, never higher!! And she used to like dresses but now she tries to make them ankle length, too, but of course they’re near her knees. So even when I’ve gotten her dressed, she’s complaining, if not screaming.

I’ve REALLY been thinking long and hard about this and what I came up with was to buy everyday clothes for her that are more like her pajamas since she is comfortable in those. I ended up getting six t-shirts (2 of each: mint, pastel pink, and magenta) from Hobby Lobby yesterday. They are 100% cotton and very roomy. They were under $4 each which is awesome since they’re just what we needed! And then I got boy jogging pants from Carter’s in gray and navy to go with them.

She has been happy in them today so I am crossing my fingers that this continues.

The other night, I made a “My Family and Me” book for her at the recommendation of Laura (SLP) at Elizabeth loves it and the first time we looked at it with her, she would look at each picture and then find the person in real life. We said everyone’s names and she enjoyed it. When she came to a picture of herself, she looked closely at it and then patted her chest. 🙂 We kept saying “Elizabeth! That’s Elizabeth! That’s YOU!” The next picture of herself that she found, she patted her chest and said, “Me!” That’s the first time she’s ever used a pronoun. We were so excited!!

4 thoughts on “Comfy Clothes and a Book Just for Her

    1. It really does! I want so badly to help her feel good in every way possible (physically, emotionally, etc) but it’s been such a challenge. I love when something like this works. 🙂


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