Going for a Walk and ADHD

It was a beautiful day on Friday and I’d heard it was supposed to rain for several days to come afterward so I decided to attempt something I’d been thinking about for awhile. The idea was to go to a church near us that has a huge parking lot and push the little girls around in the double stroller. I thought it’d be a good workout in a safe location and a way for us all to get some fresh air. The only issue is that Elizabeth might be upset that she doesn’t know why we’re there, or might not accept sitting in the stroller at all. Her response to something new is always anyone’s guess.

Friday morning, it occurred to me that it would make sense to do a trial run with just Elizabeth and me. That way, if she was really unhappy and having a meltdown, Izzy wouldn’t be there to endure it.

We’d had a nice time at Publix mid-morning so I felt fairly confident when we left (after I put Izzy down for her nap at home). It was wonderful! She was happy and there weren’t any problems. Yay!

While reading about autism over the weekend, and how children sometimes seem to outgrow it, I found that it can be hard to distinguish from ADHD. When I read that, I suddenly had a light bulb moment. Joshua (15) has been having more and more of an issue with taking care of life and staying focused, being organized, remembering to do basic things, etc and what if it’s because he has ADHD? I have been thinking Asperger’s (or, high functioning autism) but that diagnoses didn’t quite fit. But the lists of signs/symptoms of ADHD? He has EVERY SINGLE ONE. What?! Oh my goodness. I was blown away, did they observe him to make these lists? lol

I don’t know what we’ll do exactly but he needs help. He needs to find ways of coping with the distractability, he needs to be able to take care of his responsibilities (chores, school, hygiene) without me badgering and reminding him all the time, and he needs to do all of this soon. He wants to get his learner’s permit so he can drive, and he wants to get a job. BOTH of those require some serious focus.

So, I’m looking into techniques and treatments for him. The first step, I suppose, is running all of this by his doctor.

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