Getting Better and Elizabeth’s 30 Month Visit

By Wednesday, Elizabeth was doing a lot better. I can’t believe how well she and Isabella did with the flu! Wow.

Samuel was not doing better, and I was starting to worry that the Prednisolone wasn’t going to be strong enough for the tightness and restriction happening in his upper airway but finally the cough changed yesterday. Maggie came down with the flu on Wednesday but hers has been less severe, with fever, lots of congestion, and general ickiness. All five kids now have this loose, loud cough that grates at my ears, lol. But I’m thankful that they’re on the mend.

With Elizabeth pretty much better, I took her to her thirty month check-up at the pediatrician’s office. She did a few things happily but most of the time she was miserable. 😢

She “colored” on the evaluation, and that made her happy, lol.

The doctor wants her to go to the Marcus Center in Atlanta, which is a pediatric autism center. But I’m not interested at this point. Even if we went through everything they asked and all the professionals agreed on diagnoses, our situation would still be the same. Because Elizabeth is receiving social security as Stephen’s dependent, she wouldn’t receive SS disability. Her insurance already covers all the therapies offered. And she already has medical referrals for speech and occupational therapy. So why go to an autism center? At this point, I can’t see any benefits. 😕

I had a really nice evening with the little girls. We looked at books, sang/signed songs, played with balls, and ate ice cream. 😊

3 thoughts on “Getting Better and Elizabeth’s 30 Month Visit

  1. I hope more moms relate and can give their perspective. It’s nice knowing options and hearing from others. I hope you find new information that can be useful to you. May God guide you. So sorry much of her check up was hard for her.

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