Croup and Christmas

Joshua was still very sick on Christmas morning but he got up to open presents with us. He and Maggie enjoyed what we got them and what they got each other, and Samuel was thrilled with his gifts! Poor Samuel had croup bad and barely had any voice at all because of it. His vocal cords were in rough shape, and that was after a day and a half of steroids (3 doses). :/

The little girls both slept until 9-something. When Elizabeth woke up, she had croup pretty bad, too, so we got another dose of Prednisolone in her and then she went into the living room to find that Maggie had a new toy barn and animals set up to play with.

Our awesome Christmas breakfast was a little less awesome this year because we were lacking Joshua as he’d gone back to his bed.

In the afternoon, Stephen took Samuel to his work to drop something off (it gave them something to do) and when Elizabeth started getting really cranky, Maggie and I took her and Isabella to a drugstore to look around and then she napped on the way home.

By the evening, Joshua was feeling a little bit better. Samuel was still roughing it, and Maggie was beginning to get sick. Ugh, what a crummy way to celebrate. I felt so bad for all of them.

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