Christmas Eve and the Flu

Poor Joshua, his birthday was pretty much been ruined by illness this year. For him, the day was filled with nausea, lack of sleep, fever, cough, and body aches. He had/has the flu. 😢

Elizabeth woke up with a fever and barking cough. I gave her Prednisolone and Motrin. She wasn’t feeling well at all. She was really calm and centered, so strange for her! When I called the doctor, they said they were closing at noon and had one appointment at 11:00 available – it was 10:15 when I called so we had to book it to get there! Maggie came with me and we got Isabella up (who had been taking a morning nap because she got up early), I quickly got ready and we were gone. We made it with maybe a minute to spare!

Maggie stayed in the van with Izzy (who was sleeping again) while I went in with Elizabeth. I was startled by her calm behavior even in the waiting room full of toys. She was relaxed in the exam room as well. I turned on Barney’s Christmas on my phone so that she’d have something to do. She was FINE sitting there which was so, so weird! She didn’t like the doctor listening to her chest or looking in her ears or throat, but overall she did fine. He recommended doing the flu test because many of the kids that had come in that morning had been positive for it. He also offered doing a strep test but I declined that considering just how uncomfortable she already was and how we could easily come back if her fever persisted beyond a few days. So, she had the flu test done and it was, indeed, positive. Yikes. It hit me that not only did Samuel and Joshua probably have it, but that Isabella more than likely already fought through it! Yay for the power of breast milk, I guess! So, he gave us a prescription for more steroid, some new cough/decongestant (which we haven’t used) and Tamiflu (which I just don’t feel comfortable giving the kids, no idea why).

We got back home, tried to get everybody comfy and I left to go to the pharmacy five minutes away. It made me smile to see how literally jolly everyone seemed to be at the store!

Samuel, who had woken with nausea in the morning, got better over the course of the day, but his voice and cough got worse. I got him on Prednisolone, too. Of course, there would be no doctor the next day if we needed it, but I knew we had Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for emergencies, which made me feel a little better.

We still got Little Caesar’s for dinner as planned, but nobody but me and Stephen seemed to truly enjoy it.

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