Sick Baby and a Gingerbread House

Izzy woke up with a fever early yesterday morning. 😦 She felt terrible most of the day, poor thing. All she did was nurse, take medicine, and sleep. If I waited until she needed another dose of Tylenol or Motrin, she felt AWFUL so I got her taking one or the other every four hours and that helped some. She still didn’t feel great but at least she wasn’t miserable.

Today, when she (gloriously) went down for a morning nap, I got things ready for Samuel and me to do a gingerbread house. We bought a kit from Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago, which I’ve never done before. We were happily surprised by the packaging and how nothing was broken. Next time, I’ll make sure we have extra candy to put on as theirs is pretty dull in color but it’s fine and still turned out cute.

This afternoon, Joshua started feeling sick which stinks because tomorrow is his birthday. Elizabeth went to bed feeling warm, as did Samuel, so I sent them each off with a dose of Motrin and a prayer that this doesn’t turn into croup for Christmas. 😕

3 thoughts on “Sick Baby and a Gingerbread House

    1. Unfortunately, they’re all worse! I took Elizabeth to the doctor this morning before they closed for Christmas and she tested positive for the flu. 😢 Which means the other kids more than likely also have it. I’m praying so hard that Stephen, Maggie and I don’t get it. 🤒

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