Parenting Books

It’s exhausting trying to find things that occupy, entertain, and stimulate Elizabeth. She has gotten more and more difficult in this way. Other behaviors are getting better (most days) but it’s as if she refuses to be content! I’ll think…we have enough shows, toys, activities to fill the day but inevitably she becomes bored.

I ordered a parenting book after following the recommendation of someone on the autism site I’m on. I was really encouraged by their success story (and all the stories on amazon) but now as I’m reading the book, I’m losing hope. The youngest child the author has spoken about so far is four and the child understands what’s going on enough to be able to use a reward chart. Elizabeth doesn’t, couldn’t, there’s no way… ☹️ a reward chart, that’s out of the question. I have learned a few things, though, which I can use with the boys. But Elizabeth ….

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