Surgery Day and No Sleep

I’ve been putting Isabella to sleep in her crib again for the last three nights. This following over two weeks of co-sleeping. She’s been teething and learning to crawl which has made sleeping nearly impossible. But a handful of nights ago, co-sleeping got bad, with neither of us getting much sleep. And on Sunday night I was done – she was banished to her crib! lol Ok, not really. I still nursed her and comforted her and whatnot but she didn’t sleep in my bed. And thank goodness, it went alright! She woke different times to breastfeed but she went right to sleep each time. Monday night was the same way but last night, she woke up at 4am and was awake until almost six. 😑

Stephen had the plate and screws put in his right wrist this afternoon.

The surgery itself went very well but the day has been long because the OR got backed up due to an unexpected problem with one of the patients. We got there at noon and didn’t leave until almost six. Stephen is doing great, thank goodness.

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