The Orthopedic Doctor

Stephen and I went to an orthopedic doctor for his wrist this afternoon. We went without kids because I wanted to be with him AND because I needed a break from being climbed on by children and babies!

He had been hoping that the ER doctor was wrong about the need for surgery but the doctor today agreed and Stephen will be getting a plate and pins surgically installed (is that the word? lol) on Wednesday. Which means, in a few days, he will have plates in BOTH of his wrists because the left one had to be done in 2013.

In a way, it’s actually a good thing that he needs surgery. It will mean that the itchy, cumbersome cast will be gone and a splint will be in its place instead. He won’t have months of discomfort from the cast or hopes that it heals well enough. No, it will “only” be a matter of doing physical therapy and regaining ability in his hand again in the weeks and months following the surgery.

I know he’s apprehensive about it because of how the other wrist surgery went but that was for multiple fractures and with a different doctor. I’m praying that this experience is easier on him. Unfortunately, he is right handed so he’s needing a lot of help with everyday things, which I don’t mind but it bothers him because he feels like a burden. I love him and don’t mind at all!

He is now officially not allowed to work until he goes back to the doctor on January 4th for his first post-op appointment. I’m definitely glad he’s home but I wish it could have been for a different reason.

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