Christmas Cookies and Screaming

I made Christmas cookies with Samuel yesterday. I had forgotten just how much arm strength is needed for dough made with butter!

They turned out cute cute and yummy. We may have overdone it the sprinkles but hey, it’s Christmas. 😉

I was relieved and impressed last night when Isabella learned the word/sign for “ball” and actually went and got one when I asked for it a few minutes after saying it a ton and playing with her. I’ve been somewhat anxious and definitely on watch for signs of autism with her because of our experience with Elizabeth. She certainly doesn’t seem to have an issue with receptive language based on the ball thing!

Elizabeth has been making a lot of progress with language lately but her screaming hasn’t let up. I had been being very consistent with putting her in time out for it but it was NOT making a difference (like it had been previously) so now I’m trying to hold, hug, and talk to her about things instead and it “works” to end the screaming but so far it isn’t preventing future screaming. :/ I am so tired of the screaming, guys. So tired.

But some good news: I am officially DONE Christmas shopping! I’m really happy with what we’re giving the kids, all fitness stuff, as I mentioned before. Amazon had everything I needed so that was nice. Most of it’s coming today.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies and Screaming

  1. The cookies look great! Samuel did a wonderful job. I’m sorry you’re having screaming troubles with Elizabeth. 2 1/2 is a tough age anyway and the autism adds to it. I’m praying it starts tapering off.

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