Asparagus and a Broken Wrist

I went grocery shopping on Thursday morning with Joshua and Elizabeth. It went great and left me feeling really encouraged.

In the afternoon, I took Samuel and Isabella to the zoo. We had a really nice time although it was pretty chilly! Samuel had fun making a Christmas ornament and a homemade card at one of the exhibits.

When we left, I took the back way home instead of the interstate and headed to Stephen’s work to surprise him. He was quite surprised and not at all happy to see me which confused me to no end! Well, it turns out that he’d kept a big secret from me all day. He broke his wrist on a job site! He spent much of the day at the hospital!! I guess he thought I wouldn’t understand why he didn’t want to tell me and spoil my trip to the zoo but I totally understood. I just felt bad for him!

We got home and I started dinner while Stephen tried to get comfortable. I made golden chicken with mushrooms, which is a fairly new recipe that we all LOVE. I have become brave since trying brussel sprouts and so I decided to make asparagus to go along with the chicken! I’m happy to say it was a match made in heaven. 😀

That first night with a broken wrist was full of pain and very little sleep but thankfully last night was better for him.

3 thoughts on “Asparagus and a Broken Wrist

      1. Maybe one day! I tried brussel sprouts this past year and I did like them, but I liked cabbage before that which is what made me think I’d like brussel sprouts. Haha.


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