Speech Therapy and Baby Poop

I called and scheduled checkups for Elizabeth and Isabella. Elizabeth’s will be her 30 month visit at the end of this month, and Isabella’s will be her her 12 month visit at the end of next month. I am nervous about Elizabeth’s, mostly because I am uncertain how I want to handle it. Do I let her get any vaccines? Do I tell the doctor that we’re not going to speech therapy but are doing it at home instead? Do I explain that we are not going to pursue therapies or interventions at this point?

Last night, I finally found a speech therapist who I am excited to learn from! She seems genuinely loving and her techniques are sound. She does podcasts, has tips of the week on Youtube, and offers book & DVD courses for parents and therapists. I really am so excited!

I’m also extremely excited about Isabella’s poop today!! Lol yes, this mama has been trying to help the little one with poop issues and today they seem to have resolved. She has been exclusively breastfeeding since Saturday and today she finally had a baby, pre-solids, breastfed only poop! And then an hour later, she had another one. 🙂 Her system has cleared out so maybe we can get her back to eating solids slowly.

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