Christmas Present Ideas and Shopping

I did a little bit of Christmas shopping today. I ordered something called a Teeter Popper, which is a concave board with suction cups and handles that a child can sit or stand on and get some energy out. I bought it for Samuel but I’m sure Elizabeth will enjoy it, too.

I also took Samuel to Walmart to pick up presents for Stephen and Joshua. Elizabeth came with us to the store and she did really well. We only stayed for about fifteen minutes but still, I was glad she was content. She insisted on wearing a man’s hat on the outing, and when she fell asleep in the van, it looked pretty funny.

Once we were home, I transferred her to the couch and she stayed asleep for an hour and a half. 🙂

In the afternoon, Maggie and Joshua went Christmas shopping together.

I’ve figured out what I want the presents (from us to the kids) this year to be about: being active. Exercise equipment, physical toys, etc. All about moving! Both teenagers have expressed wanting to lose a little weight, being more consistent with exercising, and eating better, so I am going to HELP THEM by not buying junk for the house, getting exercise stuff for Christmas, and cooking/baking healthier. Wish me luck!

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