Brussel Sprouts and Learning to Stand

Isabella is pulling herself to standing really easily now, and most of the time that’s how we find her. She is ten and a half months old.

Unfortunately, she’s having a bit of a problem in the diaper area. She doesn’t seem to be processing solid food that well (or maybe it’s something(s) I’m eating) but she has a rash and she also has fissures, which means she bleeds a tiny amount every time she has a bowel movement from little tears in the skin. 😦 All I can think to do is stop solid food for a few/several days and just breastfeed. But oh, how she loves her food! Poor baby.

So, Stephen had a wonderful thing come over him this weekend and he helped significantly with the housework! I’m talking laundry, dishes, and shopping! It was fantastic.

Tonight, I made brussel sprouts for the first time and then I ATE brussel sprouts for the first time! Maggie and Joshua had never had them before either but Stephen had. We all kind of feel the same way about them – ehh, so so. Or at least about this way of cooking them.

I am looking forward to trying other new veggies soon. I’m feeling adventurous and brave, lol.

3 thoughts on “Brussel Sprouts and Learning to Stand

  1. I like brussel sprouts but which the heavy fragrance would not be so strong haha! I like baking them in the oven definitely makes them more crispy, but the longer they bake, the more “fragrance” is released, that’s the science of it (without the words, haha). I like sprinkling pepper, a tiny bit of cinnamon, cumin and some garlic salt.

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